Types of LEDs available for Light Night giveaways How Light Night leads to permanent impact and change Types of Bike LEDs available for cyclists.

What is Light Night?

Light-Night is a series of free events, Lighting up the Night with free wearable LED lights!!

We're empowering residents to improve neighborhood safety and their own health with fitness-based night traffic. Studies have shown that as more people are out and about, walking, running or biking, not only does a community feel safer, it becomes safer.

Wearable lights are given away during registration and safety briefing. Then the groups set out on a short tour through the city, typically ending with an after party! When the weather is nice we try to emphasize a local park. This isn't a race, it's about the journey through the City. It's a place for originality and community!

How can you join in?

All fitness and experience levels are encouraged to participate!

With biking, walking, or running; you can particpate however you like! We will have group leaders to assist you from registration, through the City of Newport, to our after party event! You're welcome to join us at Wooden Cask Brewing for the after party again.

What is the impact?

In 2016, we purchased and installed 3 bike racks for city parks! We also handed out over 1000 Lights to increase visibility and awareness for all of our participants. Our LED lights are highly visible and come in a variety of colors for running, biking and walking. All of our lights come with replacable batteries, so you can have fun and decorate your bike while staying safe!

Want to support Light Night?

We are all volunteers at Light Night, and our biggest costs are in infastructure improvements and LEDs. You can sponsor a box of LEDs, sponsor a bike rack, or donate to our events! Any level of support is appreciated, our volunteers put in a lot of work to pull these off.

We are also still looking for volunteers. We need fun loving people to handle registration, trip leaders, and the party itself!

Bike ride in progress Walking participants and kids with their parents and strollers get free lights and LEDs Kids love Light Night and get Free lights for their bike

Register Here

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